Climate Change

In order to restrict global warming to 1.5°C from pre-industrial levels as set by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and detailed in The Paris Agreement, we must work in collaboration to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible and help to achieve the UK target of a 68% cut in emissions by 2030, based on 1990 levels.

Trafford’s Climate Emergency

The Council declared a Climate Emergency in November 2018, since then we have developed a Carbon Neutral Action Plan, which includes a Carbon Neutral Framework developed by climate change consultants Anthesis.

Our Action Plan aims for carbon neutrality by 2038, aligned with the GM 5 Year Environment Plan and overseen by a cross-sectoral Trafford Climate Emergency and Air Quality Commission.

The themes of our action plan are:

  • Governance, Engagement and Collaboration
  • Production and Consumption of Resources
  • Transport and Travel
  • Heat and Energy
  • Natural Environment
  • Skills and Green Growth
  • Homes, Workplaces and Buildings

How are we doing?

Emissions from Trafford are calculated and reported to BEIS (Government Department for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy) on a biennial basis. See Trafford’s performance and downward trajectory in carbon emissions.

Further detailed open source information can also be viewed via Trafford’s Data Lab.

What are we doing?

Examples of our collaborative work to reduce and mitigate carbon emissions as well as adapting to a changing climate:

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