Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

What is the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF)?

The GMSF had been developed by all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

It sets out how Greater Manchester would provide the right homes in the right places, create jobs and improve infrastructure so ensuring the future prosperity of Greater Manchester and creating an environmentally sustainable place to live for everyone.

GMSF 2020

Following the decision of Stockport Council in December 2020 to not approve the GMSF 2020 for Regulation 19 consultation or submission, the GMSF is no longer being progressed in its current form.

The intention is to prepare an alternative sub-regional plan for the remaining Greater Manchester districts which will ultimately sit alongside the Trafford Local Plan as part of the overall Development Plan for Trafford.

The GMSF 2020 and previous versions of the GMSF, alongside all supporting information can be found on the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities website

“Places for Everyone”

A joint plan of the nine remaining Local Authorities, to be known as “Places for Everyone”. It means that the nine remaining Greater Manchester councils can plan collectively to deal with cross boundary and strategic planning issues until 2037. Without the plan we will have less control over the future shape of Greater Manchester.

Once adopted, the “Places for Everyone” plan will become part of the statutory development plan for each of the nine Greater Manchester authorities, including Trafford. However, the Plan will not cover everything and Trafford will still need to produce a Local Plan which will provide further detail to cover local issues and demonstrate how the framework will be delivered on the ground.

You can find out more information on the GMSF on the Greater Manchester Combined Authority webpage.

GMSF in Trafford

The first draft of the GMSF, published in 2016, received more than 27,000 residents, businesses and community organisations in Greater Manchester provide feedback, while a second round of consultation on the 2019 draft GMSF received 17,000 responses.

The 2020 GMSF included two allocations in Trafford: New Carrington and Timperley Wedge and these will now be proposed for inclusion in the “Places for Everyone” plan which will replace the GMSF 2020.

In GMSF 2020, New Carrington allocated 4,300 homes to be delivered in the Plan period to 2037, and 5,000 homes in total beyond the Plan period. New Carrington also allocated 350,000 sqm of employment floorspace for industry and warehousing. 

Timperley Wedge allocated 1,700 homes to be delivered in the Plan period to 2037, and 2,500 homes in total beyond plan period. Timperley Wedge also allocated 15,000 sqm of office employment land in the Plan period to 2037 and 60,000 sqm in total beyond the Plan period.