Trafford Retail and Leisure Study 2019

Trafford Council appointed Nexus Planning in order to undertake a borough-wide Retail and Leisure Study. The focus of the study was to establish the current position in respect of the need for additional retail and leisure facilities in Trafford, and to consider the vitality and viability of the borough’s principal centres. The Retail and Leisure Study will be used as part of the evidence base in order to inform the Local Plan.

Trafford Retail and Leisure Study – Report

Trafford Retail and Leisure Study – Executive Summary

Appendix 1 – Trafford Study Area

Appendix 2 – Household Survey Results

Appendix 3 – In Street Results

Appendix 4 – Town Centre Healthchecks

Appendix 5 – District and Local Centre Healthchecks

Appendix 6 Quantitative Model

Appendix 7 – National Multiple Foodstores in Authority Area

Appendix 8 – Town Centre Boundaries