Interactive Local Plan Strategic Objectives

Providing the framework for the development of the Core Strategy

4.1 - The table below details the Strategic Objectives that provide the framework for the development of the Core Strategy.

Strategic objectives
 Strategic Objective No.  Strategic Objective
 SO1  Meet housing needs - promote sufficient high quality housing in sustainable locations, of a size, density and tenure needed to meet the borough’s needs and to contribute towards those of the city region.
 SO2  Regenerate - the physical, economic, environmental and social fabric of the most disadvantaged communities within the borough to reduce inequalities and improve prosperity.
 SO3  Meet employment need - establish the right conditions to sustain employment sites for new and diverse investment to enable Trafford to remain competitive and contribute to the growth of the economy of the sub-region and to attract and retain employment opportunities.
 SO4  Revitalise town centres - maintain a clear hierarchy of vibrant, diverse and distinct shopping centres across the borough to be the focus for commercial, retail and leisure uses to meet the needs of the local population.
 SO5  Provide a green environment - achieve an appropriate level of green-space, to protect and enhance the landscape character, recreational and biodiversity value of the borough’s natural environment in both urban and countryside areas and to provide for the growing community.
 SO6  Reduce the need to travel - promote significant levels of development in the most sustainable locations in the borough and make less sustainable locations accessible by improving transport links, particularly public transport.
 SO7  Secure sustainable development - promote the reuse of resources, the principles of sustainable construction and the use of new technologies to combat and adapt to climate change to minimise impact of all new development on the environment.
 SO8  Protect the historic built environment - protect, enhance and value the borough’s heritage to contribute to the attractiveness and distinctiveness of the borough.

4.2 - The Strategic Objectives above apply to the whole of Borough and as such are somewhat “generic”. Given that spatial planning is about producing outcomes for places, we have split Trafford into a number of places that we consider are locally distinctive; display their own characteristics; and that have their own set of key issues that need to be addressed over the lifetime of this Plan.

4.3 - The Place Objectives that follow have been linked to the delivery of the Strategic Objectives. It is important to note that not all the Strategic Objectives apply to all the Places, for example SO4 – Revitalising Town Centres does not apply to the Mersey Valley.

4.4 - The Strategic Locations and Core Policies sections of this document indicate which of these Strategic and Place Objectives the policies seek to deliver