Local Development Framework Outline


The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 has been enacted to establish a new system for the preparation of spatial development plans across the country. This new system is intended to streamline the local planning process and promote a proactive, positive approach to managing development.

The New System in Outline

The new statutory development plan for the Borough will consist of a portfolio of local development documents that will collectively deliver the spatial planning strategy for each Council area. This portfolio of documents will be known as the Local Development Framework (LDF).

The LDF will contain two main types of planning policy document - development plan documents that will be part of the statutory development plan - and - supplementary planning documents that will expand policies set out in a development plan document or provide additional implementation detail. Together with the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) these documents will provide the framework for planning and controlling the pace and location of development within the Borough.

The Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) was published in September 2008. It provides a broad spatial framework for development and investment up to 2021, and is part of the statutory development plan for the North West region.

It is, however, the intention of the Secretary of State to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies as set out in the Localism Act. However, until they are formally abolished, Regional Strategies form part of the statutory development plan. As such, they are the starting point for the determination of planning applications and local plans should be in general conformity with them.

Other documents in the LDF are:

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) - Which sets out the programme of local development document work the Council intends to undertake over the next three years.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) - Which sets out the community consultation mechanisms the Council will employ during the preparation of its programmed local development documents.

The Annual Monitoring Reports - that assess progress in implementing the LDS and the extent to which the policies set out in the Council's local development documents are being achieved or need alteration/replacement.

Safeguarding the Environment

To comply with European Community Directive 2001/42/EC the Council will test the soundness of all the development plan documents it prepares to assess their likely effect on the environment and to ensure that they reflect national and regional sustainable development objectives.

Separate Sustainability Appraisal reports incorporating the requirements of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive will be prepared and published for consultation during the preparation of each development plan document.

Where to find further informationFurther information about the purpose, scope and content of Local Development Frameworks can be found on the Communities and Local Government website.