Trafford Local Plan

Regulation 18 Local Plan consultation July 2018

Update: This consultation has now closed.

This consultation covers the Local Plan Issues Paper, the Integrated Assessment Scoping Report and the Local Plan Call for Sites.

In accordance with Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, notice is hereby given that Trafford Council is preparing a new Local Plan. The decision to prepare a Trafford Local Plan was agreed by Trafford Council’s Executive on 25th June 2018.

Trafford Council invites you to make representations in regard of the scope and subject of the Trafford Local Plan, hereafter referred to as the Local Plan.

Once adopted, the Local Plan will become the main land use planning document for Trafford, and form part of the overall Development Plan. Planning law requires that applications for planning permission be determined in accordance with the Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The Council is required to keep its Local Plan up to date to retain control over the type and location of development within the Borough, and so ensuring that development across the Borough is ‘plan led’.

Once adopted, the Local Plan will replace the following Development Plan documents:

  • The Trafford Core Strategy (adopted January 2012) and
  • The Revised Trafford Unitary Development Plan (adopted June 2006).

Further detail on: the scope and subject of the Local Plan; how the Local Plan relates to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework; and the Integrated Assessment Scoping Report for the Local Plan can be found within the Regulation 18 Local Plan - Notice of consultation (July 2018).

Local Plan Issues Paper

Trafford Council consulted on an Issues Paper which is a discussion document setting out a number of key issues that could be covered by the Local Plan and how it could address them. The broad policy themes identified cover economic growth, inclusive growth and environmental sustainability.

Consultation now closed.

Integrated Assessment Scoping Report

Trafford Council consulted on on the Integrated Assessment (IA) Scoping Report. It identifies the type, nature and extent of potential effects which need to be considered and proposes the scope for future assessment stages of an IA of the Local Plan. 

Consultation now closed.

Local Plan Call for sites

The Local Plan will make site specific allocations for housing, employment and green spaces, similar to those in the Revised Trafford UDP. Therefore, alongside the Issues Paper consultation the Council is inviting the submission of sites in Trafford for development, protection or some other purpose.

Consultation now closed.

Consultation documents, links to online surveys and comment forms can be found following the links above or by referring to the supporting documents listed below. Documents can also be viewed at Trafford Town Hall, Sale Waterside Offices and Trafford Libraries.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Regulation 18 Local Plan consultation, please email or call 0161 912 3149 and a member of the Strategic Planning Team will be able to assist.

Supporting documents

Next steps

Following the consultation on the Regulation 18 Local Plan, all comments and submissions received will be made available for public inspection.  A summary of the responses and sites submitted will be analysed and the findings used to prepare a full draft of the Local Plan, draft site allocations and final version of the Integrated Assessment Scoping Report.

Individuals or organisations that would like to be added to or removed from our consultation database should email or phone 0161 912 3149. 

In responding to a consultation your contact details will automatically be added to the database. If you do not want to be contacted about future Local Plan consultations please state this in your response.

All comments will be held by the Council for Local Plan production purposes and will be available to view publicly (including on the Council’s website). Comments cannot be treated as confidential. Your personal information such as your postal and email address will not be published, but your name and organisation (if relevant) will.

Land Allocations Plan

The production of the Land Allocations Plan was stopped in March 2015 and it will now be incorporated into the Trafford Local Plan.


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