Support with getting online

More and more essential services are being offered online. For now there are still choices in how you access services - traditional methods like making a phone call - but in the future some services may only be available online. And in many cases you could get a quicker response and a cheaper service online.

Being online offers many benefits including:

  • keeping in touch with friends and family
  • enjoying interests to the full
  • saving money by getting the best deals
  • learning a new skill for work or pleasure

If you're not online yet, or are online but not very confident – don’t worry you’re not alone. Getting online and improving your skills is easier than you think. There is lots of information and support to help you get online for the first time or if you want to improve your skills - even if you don’t have a computer or a broadband / WiFi connection at home.

Getting started

As our libraries are currently closed due to coronavirus, we are temporarily unable to offer face-to-face support with digital skills.

We are hoping to offer support with digital skills by telephone soon, and will update this page when this is in place.

If you are already online but would like to improve your skills, or if you would like to help others in your household to get online and improve their skills, there are plenty of online resources.

Helping others to get online

Getting online and accessing services for the first time can be daunting to some people, particularly older people who may be new to smart technology, but there is lots of help and advice available.

If you are helping someone get online for the first time, the BBC have produced a Beginners guide which you could work through with them. This guide covers getting started with a PC and using the internet as well as setting up an email account.

Age UK have lots of tips and useful information on their website including: