LGBTQ+ specialist support for domestic abuse

Trafford Council recognises that anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse affects everyone, and we, therefore, need to make it everyone’s business.

We recognise there are unique and additional ways that domestic abuse can impact lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, and queer people (LGBTQ+).

They can include:

  • Threats to disclose your gender identity and/ or sexual orientation to your family members, friends, community or religious groups.
  • Ridiculing, undermining, or belittling you based on your gender identity and/ or sexual orientation.   
  • Denying you access to medical treatment including hormones, surgery or PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) and (pre-exposure prophylaxis).
  • Imposing rules about how you can/ can’t behave based on stereotypes, homophobia, biphobia and/or transphobia.
  • Questioning and controlling your gender identity and/or sexual orientation.
  • Restricting your access to LGBTQ+ spaces and support networks.
  • Using abuse to try and change your sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Although we use the term LGBTQ+, we recognise that LGBTQ+ people are not a homogenous group, and those who identify as LGBTQ+ will have different needs, identities and experiences.

We provide training to our front-line staff so that they understand how domestic abuse can be experienced differently and we can help you to access specialist support.

Domestic abuse support 

Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS)

  • Offers support for all people experiencing domestic abuse in Trafford. And they have a specific LGBTQ+ victims of domestic abuse page. TDAS also has a Male Domestic Abuse Advisors that can support male victims of domestic abuse via 1:1 sessions or group support.

LGBT Foundation

  • For LGBTQ+ people around Greater Manchester. It offers groups, advice and support, peer support, advocacy and counselling. It has LGBTQ+ Independence Domestic Violence Advocate and Domestic Abuse Officers. They can support clients experiencing domestic abuse via 1:1 sessions, group and housing support. LGBT Foundation also has accommodation units for LGBT+ victims of domestic abuse fleeing abuse.


Domestic abuse and housing

Trafford Housing Options (HOST)

  • Offers advice about accomodation in Trafford. They are based at Sale Waterside. 

The Albert Kennedy Trust 

  • Provides support to young LGBTQ+ people who are at risk of homelessness.

LGBTQ+ support

Rainbow Reflections 

Proud 2 B Parents 

Proud Trust

  • Supporting young LGBTQ+ people. They have café and centre near the university.

42nd Street 

  • Offer mental health/ psychological therapies services to 16-25 year olds. But also offer support for LGBTQ+ people.

Changing Attitudes 

  • Nationwide organisation campaigning on LGBTQ+ issues and advice.


  • Nationwide charity supporting Muslim LGBTQ+ people – they have a group local to Manchester.