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The Change4Life has a new campaign to encourage families to ‘make a swap when you next shop’ to help them cut back on sugar. 

Children in England are having around 2,800 sugar cubes more than they should each year. More than double the maximum recommended amount. Too much sugar is bad for children’s health. Most of the sugar children are having comes from sugary drinks, confectionery, biscuits, cakes, desserts, higher-sugar breakfast cereals and higher-sugar yoghurts.

Change4Life is showing families how easy it is to cut back on sugar by making a few simple swaps to their everyday food and drinks.  Lots of partners will also be highlighting healthier options in-store and in their own advertising and many will be using a new Change4Life ‘good choice’ badge to make it even easier for families to make healthier choices.   

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Drinking any alcohol can cause difficulties during your pregnancy. These could result in Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a lifelong disability for your child. There is no safe time or safe amount of alcohol to drink when pregnant.

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