Public health

COVID-19 outbreak management plan

Our outbreak plan sets out how we will prevent and manage outbreaks of COVID-19 across Trafford so that our residents and communities can live safely through the various phases of the pandemic. It summarises the key roles and responsibilities for controlling Covid-19 in the borough and outlines our local response to the pandemic.

Public health annual report

Our Public Health Annual Report 2021 is entitled ‘The Costs and Harms Caused by Inequality’. The aim of this year’s report is to bring together the evidence for the benefits to our health and our economy of working together to create a more sustainable and equal society in Trafford, in the hope that this will encourage us all to support and implement the necessary changes for a healthy and resilient life.

Public health annual report 2021

Public health annual report 2020

Public health annual report 2019

Public health annual report 2018

Public health annual report 2016/17


The five priorities for Trafford Public Health





The web page for the Northern Contraception, Sexual Health and HIV service.