Armed Forces Covenant

What is the Armed Forces Covenant?

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their day to day lives.

The purpose of the Trafford Armed Forces Covenant is to encourage support for the Armed Forces community working and residing in Trafford. It is also there to recognise and remember the sacrifices made by members of this Armed Forces Community, particularly those who have given the most. This includes in-Service and ex-Service personnel their families and the bereaved in Trafford.

It presents an opportunity to build upon existing good work and other initiatives such as being part of the Combined GM Covenant Group. You can find out more by visiting the Greater Manchester Armed Forces Covenant website.

For Trafford Council, the Covenant provides an opportunity to bring forward our knowledge, expertise and experience to help and support members of the Armed Forces Community. It additionally gives us the opportunity to build upon the existing good work taking place across Trafford by local businesses and organisations.

For the Armed Forces Community, the Covenant can help with the integration back into civilian life, housing, employment and health issues, for both the service member and their families.

Who can sign a Covenant?

Business, charities and other private sector organisations.

A Covenant can be adopted by a business or charitable organisation of any size, and from any industry, whether you are an employer of a member of the armed forces community or simply wish to acknowledge publicly your support for the Armed Forces.

Each organisation will be encouraged to offer support in a way most appropriate to their situation and capacity.

For example, a larger organisations may wish to actively seek to employ serving reservist personnel for the skills they possess, or strive to support the employment of ex-regular personnel and service spouses.

Aims of the Covenant

The Covenant aims to encourage all parties within a community to offer support and make it easier for service personnel, families and veterans to access the help and support available from a wide range of providers.

Further information

For further information on the support available in Trafford or the Armed Forces Covenant, please visit the Trafford Armed Forces Covenant page or contact the Armed Forces Lead, Sue Wright on: