Winter Grant Scheme

We are supporting families and vulnerable adults in Trafford over the Christmas period as part of the Government’s national Winter Grant Scheme.

All children in receipt of a free school meal will be automatically awarded a £30 supermarket voucher from a range of stores, including an online offer, via their school before the Christmas break.

If your child is in receipt of a free school meal you do not need to make an application for food via the Winter Grant Scheme as this will automatically awarded by your child’s school. However if you are struggling to heat your home you may be entitled to support with fuel costs.

The £30 is per child and covers the 2 week school holiday period (£15 per week). We are encouraging low income families and vulnerable adults who will not be receiving an automatic award, to apply for a supermarket voucher online.

In addition to support with food, we are also offering support to those who are struggling to heat their homes. Our Trafford Assist scheme has a range of support for fuel costs to cover the variety of utility provision in residents homes. We urge those struggling to heat their homes to complete the online application form.