Household support fund extended to March 2023

Free school meals holiday award

The free school meal holiday award will continue until the funding ends in March 2023. Eligible families in receipt of free school meals will receive the following:

  • £15 per week per child for the October (1 week) and Easter (2 weeks) Trafford school holidays.
  • £30 per week per child for the Christmas (2 week) and February (1 week) Trafford school holidays.

If your child qualifies and you live in Trafford, you will need to apply online. Your child’s school will email you with more details and how to apply.  

For more information about the award visit our free school meal holiday award page.

Financial support for food, fuel and water

We are encouraging low income households to make an application for support with food, fuel and water bills. If you qualify, we will pay your combined award into your bank account which will be credited within three working days. The Household Support Fund is a cash-first scheme, but if you don’t have a bank account we can send you a voucher. 

Before you start

Before you apply you will need:

  • Your personal details including your National Insurance Number.
  • Details of anyone living with you.
  • You may also be asked for details of the money you receive and pay out.

Apply online

There are a maximum number of awards that can be granted in a 12 month period, if you have reached this limit and require further support please visit The Trafford Directory where you will find many useful services in Trafford.

If you require support to complete the application form, or general information including advice about benefits, legal, money, employment, housing and immigration you can contact the Citizens Advice Service.

Additional support

Support for wider essentials, activities and services will be provided by the six Community Response Hubs that are hosted by voluntary sector organisations located across Trafford. They can by approached directly, please visit Response | Trafford Community Hubs (  and ask about the Household Support Grant.