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OpenPortal is an online service which lets you view your Council Tax Account.

If you already have an OpenPortal account you need to have your username, password and memorable word ready before logging in.

Login to OpenPortal

If you don't already have an OpenPortal account then registering is easy - just fill in our simple registration form. Once registered, we will send you a user name and password. Log in to OpenPortal as soon as you can to finish setting your account up as the initial password will only be valid for 12 hours.

OpenPortal allows you to see:

  • The charging periods for your property/properties
  • All the payments you have made and future payments you need to make
  • A statement of your account including a breakdown of any reductions
  • Details of your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax support claim if you have one

Any future Council Tax bills will be created in your OpenPortal account and we will send you an email to notify you whenever a new bill is available for you to view.

Within OpenPortal you can also:

  • Request a copy of your Council Tax bill
  • Change your method of payment
  • Notify us of a change in your address
  • Make a claim for Single Person Discount
  • Cancel your Single Person Discount

Change in circumstances

By submitting a request for this service, you are agreeing to notify us if:

  • Your email address changes (you can do this from within your OpenPortal account)
  • You no longer have internet access
  • You no longer want this service

It is your responsibility to access and read the Council Tax Information Leaflets that are included with a posted bill. These explain how your Council Tax has been worked out and where it has been spent. You will be reminded where to access the leaflets each time we send you a bill.