Council Tax long term empty property review

In support of the Government’s initiative to tackle the shortfall in national housing, Trafford Council is currently undertaking a review of long-term empty Council Tax properties. Please complete the form below to update the property records for your address.

  • Your name
  • Please complete either Section A or Section B.
  • SECTION A - The property is now occupied
    Please enter all occupiers aged 18 years or over
  • Full name of 1st occupier
  • Previous address
  • Full name of 2nd occupier
  • If you are a tenant, is the property rented to you on a furnished or unfurnished basis?
  • SECTION B - Property remains unoccupied
  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • Is the property:
  • If your property remains unoccupied please confirm the current status of the property and the expected date of occupancy if known:
  • SECTION C: Declaration
  • I confirm that the information I have provided in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge


Can we help?

Empty homes are wasteful both because of financial expense and missed opportunity. In order to help owners the Council and Partners are providing a number of initiatives to help bring empty properties back into use to help ease the shortage of housing in Trafford. We can help by:

  1. Providing assistance for property renovation.  The Council is able to provide a loan of up to £10,000 to assist with carrying out repairs within empty properties to bring them back into use.
  2. Information and advice on letting and management of the property to provide a  regular income for you.
  3. Finding suitable tenants through links with local housing associations.
  4. Helping you find property management solutions with local housing associations.

To find out more information about help you could receive please contact