Council Tax - Moving within Trafford

Please use the below form if:

  • you currently live in Trafford and are responsible for Council Tax, and;
  • you are moving to a new address in Trafford where you will also be responsible for paying Council Tax.

If you wish to provide us with some extra information about your move within Trafford, please email quoting the reference number provided to you when the form is submitted.

You will need to re-register to vote at your new address. You can complete the quick online registration process at Make sure you include your previous address when completing the online form so you can be removed from the register there.

  • Your name
  • Your previous address
  • Were you a homeowner or tenant?
  • If you were a tenant, was the property rented to you on a furnished or unfurnished basis?
  • Your new address
  • Are you moving in with the current occupier?
  • Will you be a homeowner or tenant?
  • Will you be the only adult at this address?
  • Would you like to pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit? All Direct Debit payments are taken on the 1st day of the month.
  • Online services
  • We offer a service called OpenPortal which allows you to view your Council Tax account securely online. You will also receive your bills electronically. Would you like to sign up to this service?
  • If you sign up for these services you need to tell us if you change your email address, you no longer have internet access, or you no longer want to use this service.
    Please note that all other notices and legal documents, e.g. reminders, final notices or summonses, will still be sent by post.
  • Council Tax guides and leaflets
    In signing up for OpenPortal you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to access and read any guides and leaflets that would be included with a posted bill. These explain how your Council Tax has been worked out and where it is spent. You will be reminded to access the leaflets each time we send you an email notifying that your bill is ready to view.