Book of Remembrance

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You can enter an inscription of your choice into the book held at the crematorium. It may be viewed on the date upon which you wish your entry to be placed or at any time on a computerised version sited within the book room. The Book of Remembrance room is sited just inside the main gates on the left hand side through an archway in the beech hedge.

The Book of Remembrance is available to view online free of charge.

Memorial Wall Plaque

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The memorial wall is located in the cloister at the side of the crematorium chapel. The stone tablets come in two sizes, large or small allowing for inscriptions up to either 3 or 6 lines. The plaques are available on 5 or 10 year renewable leases. Flower containers are located in the cloister so floral tributes can be left. The prices for the memorial plaques can be found on the fees and charges page.

Vase and tablet

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These are white marble vase blocks holding a grey granite tablet upon which an inscription may be placed. They are leasehold for a 10 year period after which they may be renewed. Floral tributes may be placed in the flower container sited in the top of the vase block. Vase, block and tablet prices are available on the fees and charges page.

  • Vase Block and Tablet Order Form

Cremated remains vault

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The Vaults are a memorial where you can place the cremated remains of your loved one. Each vault holds space for up to two caskets and features a granite plaque with glided inscription and a flower holder. The vaults are situated on the main drive between Altrincham Crematorium and Dunham Lawn Cemetery and can be purchased on a renewable lease for periods of ten, twenty, thirty or fifty years. 

The vaults can be fully personalised with pictures, illustrations and photographs and second inscriptions can be added at a later date if required.

See the fees and charges page for the prices.

Due to the various options available with regards inscriptions and additional personalisation of the plaques (examples are available at the Bereavement Services Office at Altrincham Crematorium) contact the office for further details.

Leather Panel

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The leather panel memorial scheme is located within the Book of Remembrance room at Altrincham Crematorium. Placed within a wooden frame, the leather panels are sized approximately 10” x 2”. Each panel is carefully lettered with your chosen wording and is inscribed in gold leaf. The memorial is available on a five or ten year lease and prices are available on the fees and charges page.

  • Leather panel order form

Niche Wall

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The niche wall is situated off the main drive between the Crematorium and Dunham Lawn Cemetery. Each niche chamber accommodates two sets of cremated remains caskets and is sealed at the front with an engraved granite plaque. Purchased on a renewable lease for a period of ten or twenty years, the cost includes the casket, granite plaque with an inscription of up to eighty letters over four lines and a posy holder. For an additional fee, a gilded emblem may be added and examples of available designs are shown on the application form. The prices of the Niche tablets are available on the fees and charges page. 

  • Niche wall application form 


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We now stock the Cariad Collection of Cremated Remains products. The range includes caskets, urns and keepsakes. Urns are available in bio-degradable, metal and alabaster, with the metal ones having a miniature version available to retain a portion of remains. There is also a range of jewellery including silver bracelets and chains with a choice of heart, teardrop and ribbon pendants each holding a small portion of remains.

Contact the Crematorium office for further details.

Memorial benches

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We are currently reviewing the policy on benches at all our sites, contact the office for further details.


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Donations of any amount can be made for the enhancement of the crematorium grounds. A certificate is issued stating to whom a donation has been made however the amount of donation is not entered on the certificate.

  • Donation Application Form 

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