Correction to a Birth, Death or Marriage entry

If you have made a mistake in the original birth, death, marriage or civil partnership registration it will be necessary for the person who registered the event to prove that an error exists.

An application form must be completed and sent to the Registrar General who will consider the error and decide whether or not a legal correction can be made to the entry. You will need to provide documentary evidence showing the correct details, which will depend on the type of error which has occurred. 

It is best to contact the register office where the event was first registered. They will be able to advise on the process with the application.

A correction can be applied for by completing an application form, which can be obtained from your local register office or downloaded from the Gov website, along with further information about the service. The completed form should be submitted to the register office which holds the original record. You will be required to provide documentary evidence showing the correct details.

There is a statutory charge for this service and you will be required to purchase a new certificate showing the corrected details.