Civil partnerships

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 introduced a new legal relationship for same-sex couples wishing to make a formal, lifelong commitment to each other.

In Trafford, ceremonies now take place at Sale Town Hall in the marriage suite. Couples are given help in planning their ceremony, which can range from a few simple words to a full ceremony including poetry, music and the exchange of rings.

We promise to provide a courteous and responsive service and a ceremony which will be conducted in a sincere and professional manner. We are dedicated to making your partnership ceremony a special occasion which you will remember as one of the happiest days of your life.

As far as possible we will tailor your ceremony to meet your own personal choices and encourage you to include readings, poems and music. The only restriction is that there must be no religious content to the ceremony.

If you wish to keep the event private and simple you may choose to sign the partnership register in the Mayor's Parlour at Sale Town Hall in the presence of two witnesses.

If you decide to make a special occasion of your partnership registration you may wish to invite family and friends and hold a partnership ceremony in our larger room at Sale Town Hall. This room provides the ideal setting for such an event and will accommodate up to 50 guests.

Making a booking

You may hold the ceremony in Trafford, regardless of where you live, but you must give notice of your partnership registration to your own local register office.

You will need to make an appointment to give notice of Civil Partnership. You can call us on 0161 912 3026. The Register Office is open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Your Civil Partnership Ceremony

Your ceremony will begin with a welcome and introduction by the celebrant who explains that you will be making a formal and public declaration of your love, and a promise of lifelong dedication to each other.

There is an opportunity at this point for a reading.

You will then be invited to make the declarations which you will later sign in your civil partnership schedule. Each of you will be asked to recite the following words:

  • In the presence of our family, friends and witnesses here today, I declare that I know of no legal reason why we may not register as each others civil partner. I understand that on signing the partnership schedule we will be forming a civil partnership with each other

You will each then be invited to make your second declaration as follows:

  • I.......promise be loving, faithful, loyal and kind and to support you for as long as we live, whatever the future may bring. You are my partner, my friend and the one I love


  • I promise you that I will cherish our love and I will be faithful as your partner and your friend until my life ends

The moment will then arrive for the exchanging of rings (or gifts). If you are exchanging rings, you will each be asked to place your ring on your partner's finger and say following words, which may be varied by prior arrangement:

  • I give you this ring, on this special day in our lives, as a symbol of my everlasting love and commitment to you. I hope that you will wear it with happiness and pride, now and always.

There is an opportunity here for a further reading.

The Partnership Registrar will conclude the ceremony with the following form of words:

  • ....... and ......... you have made commitments to each other in the presence of your family, friends and witnesses and in so doing you have made a promises to live your lives together
  • I shall now invite ....... and ........ and the witnesses to sign the partnership schedule and then in a few moments you will be welcome to take some photographs
  • ........and .........from this time on you are legally recognized as civil partners and we wish you success and happiness in your future life together
  • Optional kiss/hug
  • Applause

You will then be presented with your certificate and receive the congratulations of your guests.