My pride in Trafford

Posted: Friday 8th July 2022

I am proud to have been born and bred in Trafford and to be the leader of the council is a great honour for me. I often get asked what makes the borough so special and the answer I give is that it is the people who make the place what it is. A great example is the welcome that has been given to the refugees fleeing the devastating war in Ukraine.

I couldn’t have been prouder of the people in this borough as when I attended a welcome event at Stretford Public Hall for those who have escaped Putin’s brutality. You see the horrific footage of war on television but meeting refugees at first hand brings home just how truly awful and shocking it is for this to be happening in Europe.

The generosity of spirit here in Trafford is in sharp contrast to the government’s approach to refugees and sending them to Rwanda is morally wrong in my opinion. Set aside my own personal feelings it also appears to be a waste of taxpayers’ money. At a time as a council we must find £18m savings in the next financial year it is galling to see the government use taxpayers’ money on such a morally bankrupt policy. It is a shame the government can’t find the money to fund councils like Trafford which have been treated unfairly despite promises of support made at the beginning of the pandemic.

On a more positive note, another wonderful aspect of living in Trafford is we are home to two of the world’s most iconic sporting venues in Old Trafford football and cricket grounds. Both venues are also due to host international events in the coming months which will which mean the eyes of the world will be firmly on the borough, with tens of thousands of fans also arriving here to enjoy the action first-hand.

First up, the Women’s Euros and Manchester United played host to the opening ceremony and first match of the tournament as England beat Austria. The match and fan party we organised with partners, were sell-outs but there are tickets still available for matches being played elsewhere in Greater Manchester.

Then, Lancashire Cricket’s Club will take centre stage as England play limited overs internationals and a test match during the summer. In October, it is back to Old Trafford football ground as the Rugby League World Cup comes to town after its postponement due to covid.

Finally, on a personal note I was delighted to be selected as the Labour candidate for the Stretford and Urmston seat which I will fight at the next general election when current Labour MP Kate Green steps down after many years of outstanding service.

It was a great honour to receive the nomination, but the election is likely to be a few years away and, in the meantime, I remain committed to leading the borough through the challenging times we face and delivering on our priorities.

Thanks Andrew