Early years funding change

Children can change their early education provider at the start of each new term. Occasionally they may need to move during a term, one change per term is permitted and funding will only be moved at half term as per the dates in the table below. 

Parent carers should always ensure that their previous provider is aware they are intending to leave and discuss any notice period with them in line with their contract.

Mid Term Funding Change Dates
   Term Time Only  All Year Round
 Autumn 2020  Monday 2 November  Monday 2 November

The dates for spring and summer will be confirmed soon.

2 Year Funding

To change your 2 year old funding provider a funding change form must be completed. 

For funding to be moved by the mid term funding change date above, funding change forms must be submitted by Sunday 25 October.

The dates when funding change forms need to be submitted for spring and summer will be confirmed soon.   


3 and 4 Year Old Funding

You do not need to complete a change form for 3 and 4 year old funding.