Early Education Provider information

More information for Early Education Providers delivering the free early years entitlements including how to become a provider and funding. There is also more information about funded places for parents.

Becoming an Early Education Provider

How you can become a provider

To deliver funded places you must be part of Trafford's Directory of Early Education Providers. Joining is a simple process, and you can view information on how to sign up.

Delivering Funding

How you get paid

Payments are made based on funding claims. Funding is claimed by providers on a termly headcount submitted using an online portal. View a step by step overview of the termly funding process.

How much you will get paid

The amount you receive will depend on what funding you claim. Find more information on early education funding, including how it's funded, hourly rates and additional supplements.

Where you can find important dates

A provider timeline is available for every term. This details when action is required and when payments are due.

If you miss a submission deadline

There are no exceptions to submission deadlines. The funding process is planned on a termly basis, with specific deadlines and payment dates. It is important that these dates are met so that payments are not delayed. Ensure that information is submitted accurately and on time. Where applicable it is good practice to have someone else at the provision who is able to submit data such as Estimate Forms and Headcounts in the absence of the usual responsible person.

Establishment Portal

About the Establishment Portal

This is an online system used by providers to administer funded places. To deliver funding you must have access to the portal. View more information about the portal, including guides, video guides and the access form.

Establishment Portal link and add this to your favourites. 

Funded Places

Do parents / carers have to apply for funding?

A declaration form is required for 2 year old funding. There is no form required for 3&4 year old funding. View more information for parents about funded places.

When children can receive a funded place

All children can receive the universal entitlement of 15 hours per week from the 1 September, 1 January, 1 April after their third birthday. Eligibile children can receive 15 hours per week from the 1 September, 1 January, 1 April after their second  birthday. There are no exceptions to the age critiera. The Establishment Portal has an age group checker and details how to use this.

2 Year Old Funding

How parents can get 2 year old funding

Eligible families can receive up to 15 free hours per week the term after their child turns 2. Parents / carers must complete a declaration form so that eligibility can be checked and confirmed. View information about 2 year old funding including the eligibility critieria and the declaration form. Children should not be allowed to start in a 2 year old place without confirmation they are eligible. View details of the 2 year old funding process.

30 Hours Free Childcare

How parents can get 30 hours free childcare

Eligible families can receive 30 hours free childcare. View the eligibility criteria and details of how parents / carers apply.

How to claim 30 hours

30 hours are made up of 15 universal hours (that all children receive) and 15 extended hours (that eligible families receive). Parents intending to claim any part of the extended hours at your setting will need to provide you with a 30 hours which must be validated by you on The Establishment Portal before the child takes up their place. Children should not be allowed to start in an extended hours place without a valid code. View information on understanding the 30 hours code process.