Headcount Return Form

  • This form is for Early Education Providers
    Providers should complete this form if they notice an error on their headcount submission and they want to request that the form is returned to them for the changes to be made.
  • When a headcount form has been returned to a provider, no submission is registered on the system for the current term. This means that the full headcount form must be resubmitted before the Claim Period closes for a provider to claim funding for the term. Please see the provider timeline for termly deadlines.
  • I understand that if my Headcount Form is returned to me;
  • When you submit this form you will receive a receipt email to the above address for your records. Requests will be processed in 2 working days.
  • For further information on how your data is handled please visit our website: www.trafford.gov.uk/earlyyearsproviderprivacynotice