Children in care mission statement, vision and principles

The Children in Care Service in collaboration with the Trafford Children in Care Council, the Trafford Children in Care Corporate Parenting Board and key stakeholders have developed mission and vision statements and set of underlying principles which we use to underpin the delivery and development of services to children in care and care leavers.

Mission statement

Working together with children in care and care leavers for children in care.


We want every child in the care of Trafford and every care leaver to reach their full potential: they have the right to be healthy, happy safe and secure, and to feel loved, valued and respected.

The Trafford Children in Care Service Principles

  • Provide a stable and supportive home with caring, consistent relationships.
  • Listen and respond to children’s views, wishes and feelings and consult with them about the development of services.
  • Place children within families whenever possible, and as close to the child’s community as possible.
  • Respect and promote children’s rights.
  • Take a whole council approach to the care and support we provide to children in care and care leavers.
  • Safeguard the welfare, health and happiness of all children in care and care leavers.
  • Have high aspirations for each child.
  • Respect and value diversity.
  • Promote contact with family and friends.
  • Ensure that  children in care are given the opportunity to leave care only when they are ready and equipped to do so.
  • Support and prepare care leavers to make an effective transition to independent living.
  • Make decisions based on assessment of need.
  • Celebrate children’s achievements.