Children in care

About Trafford's Children in Care Service

The multi-agency Children in Care Service employs a range of professionals who work to improve the outcomes of children and young people in the care of Trafford Council.

We have a range of statutory responsibilities regarding children in care up to the age of 18 years old. We work in partnership with children and their families, as appropriate, in delivering services. We also have a statutory duty to support care leavers up to the age of 21 and up to 24 if they are in full time education and to provide post adoption services to children and adults affected by adoption.To underpin the delivery and development of services we have developed a mission statement, vision and principles for children in care.

Children’s Sufficiency Strategy and Market Position Statement

This Sufficiency Strategy sets out our commitment to improve the outcomes and life chances of the children and young people who are in our care. Accompanied by our Market Position Statement.

Independent visitors

Are you someone who wants to make a difference, with 3-4 hours a month to spare to befriend, listen to and support a child/young person? Becoming an Independent Visitor could be for you.

Children's services procedures

Details of the processes used by Trafford Children’s Services (Early Help and Social Care) and the Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership for working with children and families.

CSE resources

Information on resources available to children, young people and professionals where CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) is a concern.  

CAMHS for Children in Care

Specialised child and adolescent mental health service for children in care.

Compliments and comments

How to make a complaint about children's social care, including the children in care service. How to complain to Ofsted about registered children's home provision or services. You may also find it useful to seek independent advice and advocacy.

Local Care Leavers Offer

How we can support young people leaving care.

Trafford Virtual School

Trafford Virtual School is here to make sure that all of Trafford’s looked after children and young people are getting the best deal in education. We can offer extra support if you want it and access to all sorts of opportunities.

It’s a ‘virtual’ school because it doesn’t exist as a real building but there is a real head teacher and staff working hard to help you to achieve your best.