Directory of early education providers

Free early education can be delivered by any provider included in Trafford’s directory of early education providers.  Further information can be found in the guidance on the directory of early education providers

Who can join the directory?

Providers judged by Ofsted to be satisfactory/requires improvement, good or outstanding can apply to join the directory to deliver early education for 3 and 4 year old children.

Those judged by Ofsted to be good or outstanding can also deliver early education for 2 year olds, and children funded by children's centres and social care.

Providers who are judged to be inadequate by Ofsted are not eligible to apply.

Newly registered providers are eligible to apply before their first Ofsted inspection.  The outcome of the provider’s Ofsted inspection will determine whether the provider is eligible to remain on the directory and the level of early education they can provide.  For example, if a provider receives an inadequate judgement they would not be able to remain on the directory.

There is a process for managing potential breaches of provider agreement.   

How to apply to be included in the directory

All providers in our directory must sign the early years provider agreement.

If your application is approved, you will receive an email with information about what to do next. At this point, you will also be asked to complete a data verification form for our finance system. On completion of this form, we will send you a certificate to say you are included in the directory of early education providers. You will have the option to arrange a visit from the Early Education Project Officer to go through the details of the scheme with you.

Leaving the directory

There is a withdrawal process for providers that have been judged as inadequate by Ofsted.  This explains how providers will be removed from the directory. Providers have a right of appeal against the decision to withdraw funding.

There is a requires improvement process for providers that have received this judgement.   

Statutory guidance for local authorities 

Statutory guidance for local authorities on early education and childcare sets out the legal responsbilities of Trafford Council in administering early education.