Children In Care Council Update

The Children in Care Council has had a busy few months. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to a long standing member Ronin who turned 18. Luckily he can still have his voice heard in the new Aftercare Forum. Thanks for all your hard work over the years Ronin!

We heard good news about an issue that was raised recently - that children in care sometimes do not understand why they came into care. From now on, one of our social workers will write a letter which will be read once the child or young person is old enough, explaining what happened to them.

Another issue high on our agenda is contact with our families. This sometimes has to take place in a contact centre which is not always the best environment for teenagers. We held one of our meetings at a local contact centre and explained how they could make the place more teenager friendly.

We also attended the Corporate Parenting Board in September to lead a workshop on Education.

Finally, look out for our new logo which has  been created with help of Danny at Gorse Hill Studios. The logo will go on any new material we develop and on our new hoodies!