Could you help a child in need?

Foster carers are ordinary people who can do an extraordinary job.

They provide a nurturing, safe and caring environment for children and young people aged from babies to teenagers.

Many of the children and young people coming into foster care have been through  difficult experience, so their foster carers may need to deal with health services, schools, birth families, contact centre workers, mental health services, Youth Offending Services, and social services among others.

Foster carers strive to ensure that these vulnerable children and young people can be healthy, stay safe, enjoy life, achieve their goals and achieve their full potential in life.

They provide a home and family for these children and young people who will eventually return home to their birth families, move to permanent fostering homes or supported accommodation, or some will be adopted.

It’s not always easy, but seeing the positive changes in the vulnerable children and young people in their care makes the role of a foster carer rewarding and fulfilling.

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