Overseas Care Leavers Conference

Tom Jones, a Personal Advisor from the Aftercare Team, was sent to take part in a conference overseas to discuss Care Leavers around the world:

“In April I was fortunate enough to travel to Bucharest, Romania and take part in a conference organised by the Care Leavers Network Europe. The conference involved professionals from The UK, Ireland, Italy, Croatia and Romania. During the conference we exchanged ideas and best practice in relation to Care Leavers. It was really interesting to hear the similarities and differences in the challenges faced by care leavers and how each counties approach to supporting young people differs. During the trip we visited the parliament of Romania and spoke with the senator of Romania who is actively trying to progress the rights of young people in Romania.  The outcomes of the conference along with the views of groups of care leavers at further events in Croatia will be presented to the EU later this year to ensure that young people across Europe are actively involved in the decisions that most affect their lives.”