Children waiting

Could you make a difference to these children’s lives? Take a look at some of our children awaiting a placement in a lovinig foster home (names have been changed).

Amelia (aged 12)

Hi my name’s Amelia, I am 12 years old and I am Caribbean British heritage.

I am a very bubbly character, I like to tell lots of jokes and enjoy chatting with adults and children. I am very friendly and welcoming when meeting new people.

I love to sing and dance and make dances up with my friends. I like to watch films but also read the books of films that I have watched. I love to write stories and poems, I am very good at this because I have a very good imagination. My favourite food is pizza.

I love school and especially English and History. I do struggle at school sometimes with the learning but I enjoy going and will ask for help if a need it. I eventually want to become a teacher, a lawyer or a writer. I've always wanted to be a teacher because I like the idea of educating children. I would like to be a lawyer so that I could help people have a fair say.

It would be nice if my foster carers like pizza and chocolate so we could share them together. I would like my foster carer to take care of me, to be kind and gives lots of cuddles.

What my carers say about me:

Amelia likes to be a positive role model and take on a ‘big sister’ role within her home environment. She interacts well with others in the home environment and also in the local community.

Amelia is  ready to move into a foster family. A family environment would be extremely beneficial for Amelia as she would thrive from the 1 to 1 attention she would receive. If Amelia was to be placed in a foster family she would thrive and her personality and humour would shine through positively.

Amelia needs a family to claim her so she knows she is wanted and part of a family.

Could you provide a home for a bubbly 12 year old like Amelia ? Request an information pack and register your interest in becoming a foster carer for Trafford

Noah (aged 13)

I am a very likeable and thoughtful boy and eager to help my carers and any adults. I enjoy sport and love playing football. I have a good sense of humour and converse with adults well. I prefer the company of adults. I am very loving towards my mother and sisters and caring towards my brother who is also in Local Authority Care.

My teachers praise my behaviour in school. I have been voted 'Form Captain' 'Word Millionaire’. I have read so much that it is calculated that I have read over one million words! I love Harry Potter!

I am a keen football fan and like playing as well as watching football. I collect Match Attax cards and enjoy playing on my Xbox. I attend football training after school twice per week and also have interest in cooking.

Do you fancy playing football with a child like Noah? Request an information pack and register your interest in becoming a foster carer for Trafford