Kindle fostering

Kindle is a new integrated service which supports children and adolescents with complex needs. It supports children and families who are within care or on the edge of care by providing the right help at the right time.

The Kindle service assists children to return home or move from a children’s home to a foster home. It supports Trafford’s position that children’ shomes are not a long-term placement option as every child has the right to family-based care. It has replaced a traditional Council-run children’s home with a hub which combines residential care with fostering.

In Trafford our hub is named Kindle Lodge. It has a dedicated Kindle team which includes:

  • A child psychologist
  • A speech therapist
  • Family Focus Team
  • Supported Lodgings carers
  • Foster carers
  • A team of residential workers

Kindle foster carers are full members of the Kindle team working together as a group to provide the right support to children at the time it is needed. Every young person in the Kindle programme is given a dedicated key worker supported by a whole team of trusted and skilled workers. These workers stick with the young person through thick and thin to access the right services at the right time and in the right place, to meet their needs.

We are looking for people who think they have the qualities required to give children and young people accessing the Kindle service the stability, skills and support they need.

We have two types of foster carers within the Kindle service:

1. Kindle hub community foster carers

for short-term emergency respite care

These carers provide emergency, respite and short-term placements to families and children on the edge of care; supporting them to develop the confidence and skills needed to return to living in a family environment. These carers build a good relationship with the young person, enabling them to try out fostering, stay for planned respite or stay during times of crisis. Community foster carers can also work some shifts in the Kindle Lodge. This provides the opportunity to develop a relationship with the young person and for the foster carer to be included in the Kindle team.

2. Kindle hub foster carers

for long-term care

These foster carers provide a long-term option for young people who may have experienced numerous placements or may have lived in residential care .These carers can also complete shifts in our Kindle Lodge, to develop a relationship with a young person, to build their trust and potentially welcome them into their own family. Once a child has been placed, these foster carers continue to be part of the Kindle programme.

What skills or qualities are needed?

  • Ability to build a relationship with a young person.
  • Stickability, the ability to stick with a child or young person and work through difficulties.
  • Significant experience of fostering or working with teenagers.
  • an ability to work in a flexible way
  • Excellent communications skills and the ability to work well as part of a team.
  • Ability to work with families and other members of our support network to develop a child’s confidence.

Could you join the Kindle team and make a real difference?

To find out more, please get in touch with Trafford’s Foster Care Recruitment Officer, Liz Williams, on 0161 912 3558, who will be able to tell you more about fostering with Kindle and answer any questions.

Information events

Monday 25 November, 9.30am – 12.30pm, Trafford Town Hall Library

Wednesday 27 November, 9.30am – 1pm, Sainsbury’s Altrincham