You Can Foster 'Inspiring Stories'

Inspirational poems and stories written by our young people in care.

“I want to move, I want to stay” was written by a 13-year-old young person in care about what home means, and the conflicting emotions around the comfort of what we know and the pull to something new and exciting.

“Inspiring Stories” competition

In February 2018 a couple of our young people took part in the You Can Foster “Inspiring Stories” competition.

“You Think You Know Me” was written by a 15-year-old young person in care and won the 13‑17 years category, judged by children's author Cathy Cassidy:

My final choice for the winner is You Think You Know Me.

This story had so much raw emotion, beautifully expressed. The writer has put a lot of herself into the story, and that's a brave and wonderful thing to do... it helps the story to shine, makes it believable and powerful and very real. The story is full of hope and I loved every bit of it... huge respect to the writer, who I believe has lots of talent and potential.

Cathy Cassidy

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“Dangerous D” was written by an 11-year-old child in care who was runner-up in the 9‑12 years category; judge English screen writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce commented:

You've written a really exciting story with some imaginative characters and I like the surprise ending.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce