Help and support for foster carers

Fostering is a huge commitment and alongside the rewards will also bring challenges. When you foster for Trafford, a full team of support is in place within our fostering service to help you at every step of the way.

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Social worker support

Once you are approved as a Trafford foster carer you will be allocated to a supervising social worker who will visit you on a regular basis to provide support, advice and supervision.

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Foster carer mentor

As a newly approved Trafford foster carer you will be linked up with an experienced foster carer as your ‘buddy’ (see below) who will act as a mentor and be a valuable source of support and advice.

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Foster carer support group

Our foster carer support group meets every month, giving you invaluable regular contact with other local foster carers.

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Ambassadors and buddies

To add to our positive support network for Trafford families who foster, we have introduced foster carer ambassadors and foster carer buddies, who are experienced foster carers and passionate about fostering with Trafford.

Our ambassadors are motivated and passionate about fostering and involve themselves in the delivery of training, support groups and recruitment events.

Our buddies’ role is to support other carers who may need a helping hand at any stage of their fostering life. They are a professional friend and an informal avenue of support for those that need it.

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Dedicated training officer

All Trafford’s approved foster families receive an individualised yearly personal development plan to help direct learning. We cater for all learning styles, offering face to face workshops, virtual learning and e-learning platforms. Training is not just for foster carers - we are also happy to offer training and support to birth children.

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We run a series of events throughout the year which bring our community of foster carers and cared for children together 

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Virtual School

Trafford’s Virtual School provides ongoing support for foster carers to ensure the children in their care achieve the best possible educational outcomes.

The team are passionate about working with foster carers and provide regular training, attend foster carer support groups and are happy to give advice about all aspects of guiding the child or young person in your care through their education.

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Specialist mental health support

We have a specialist CAMHS team for cared for children co-located with Trafford’s multi-agency Cared for Children service at Trafford Town Hall.​ The focus here is on early identification and intervention for any emerging mental health needs in cared for children.

Support is offered to foster carers to provide quality care through specialist therapeutic parenting approaches.

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Foster carer handbook

We have worked closely with foster carers over the years to set out clear expectations of what foster carers can expect of us and what we expect of foster carers. This handbook includes detailed advice on every aspect of life as a foster carer.

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Greater Manchester Foster Carer Promise

Trafford is part of the wider group of local authorities within the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) who have signed up to the Foster Carer Promise

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FosterTalk membership

As one of our foster carers you will receive automatic membership of FosterTalk, an excellent resource providing high quality, professional, independent support to foster care households. Some of the key benefits include:

Free legal helpline

This gives you immediate access to legal advice from qualified professionals, covering any legal issue (not just those relating to fostering) and is available to anyone in your household.

Free counselling support

Foster Talk’s counselling service is fully confidential and is there for you and your family 24/7 to support you.

Free medical helpline

Foster Talk’s medical helpline is manned by qualified professionals and is also a 24/7 service.

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Discount cards

The following cards are both available to foster carers and offer discounts on products and services across the UK.

  • Max Card can be used at venues across the UK to get free or reduced admission
  • Blue Light Card gives members thousands of discounts online and on the high street.