Liquid Logic Systems User Access Agreement

  • Form for External Agencies
    Trafford’s CFW and Adult Social Care Services holds details of Children, Adults and Families in Trafford within its systems. Much of this information is personal and of a sensitive nature. This information has been provided to us for the sole purpose of CFW and Adult Social Care administration. We therefore have a duty to ensure that we use and control this data properly in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). By filling in this form you are agreeing to: • Treat all the information you have access to both sensitively and securely • Be aware that breaches of data will be investigated and may be subject to disciplinary action and; • Be responsible for any loss or claims out of wilful improper use of any data.
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  • Disclosure of Known People
  • Form Submission
    Please read and tick confirmation boxes before submitting your Access Request form.
  • Please confirm you have asked your manage to email their approval for your access.
  • Please confirm that you have read and understood: The Data Protection Principles
  • Please confirm that you have read and understood: Information Sharing Protocol Declaration