Liquidlogic Disclosure of Known Person form

  • Disclosure of known person form
    Please complete this form if you are aware of a person on any Liquidlogic system. Your access to the known person's record will be restricted.
  • Do you know of a relative or friend who has data in any Liquidlogic System?
  • Do you share a household with anyone who has data in any Liquidlogic system?
  • System User
  • System users name
  • Known person(s) on the system
  • Person 1
  • Person 2
  • Person 3
  • Person 4
  • Person 5
  • Declaration
    Information held on our systems should not be used for personal use and in no circumstances disclosed to an unauthorised third party.
    I understand that if access is granted I must only use the Liquid Logic system to obtain information directly linked to my employment. I must not look at any other information. I will not look at details relating to family or friends.
    I understand that I will be issued with an individual password and that it is my responsibility to keep this password secure and only for my own use.
    I understand that access will be monitored by the Council and any abuse of my access will be treated as serious breach of this agreement. Any such breach will lead to access being withdrawn for me and reviewed for others in my department.
    My attention has been drawn to the Data Protection Act 2018. I understand that it is a criminal offence for me to access and/or process personal information for any purpose other than that set out in my official duties.
    I understand that, should there be reason to believe that I have breached this agreement, appropriate action may be taken against me. I understand that if I fail to complete and return this document access to all systems may be removed.