Level 1 - Universal Services, further information

Universal services are services that are available to everybody and can be accessed by anyone without additional support.

Child development

Child Development
  • Developmental milestones have been achieved.
  • Age appropriate relationships with peers, parents/carers.
  • Healthy lifestyle and makes healthy choices, ie. healthy eating/weight
  • Resilience and ability to cope with emotional and relationship difficulties.
  • Age appropriate communication and language development
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Aspirations
  • Does not use drugs or alcohol
  • Child is fit and healthy and has a fully balanced diet
  • Some minimal support required to achieve educational, social and emotional targets
  • Basic additional health targets
  • Receiving additional support in school to achieve educational targets
  • Minimal friendship group, solitary play

Parenting capacity

Parenting Capacity
 Strengths Needs
  • Ensures that basic care needs are met
  • Appropriate access to health services
  • Appropriate feeding, diet and nutrition
  • Demonstrates Emotional Warmth
  • Uses praise and encouragement
  • Supportive of access to education
  • Good attachments
  • Able to implement boundaries
  • Enables young person to experience success and failure
  • Ability to socialise appropriately and maintain friendships
  • Parents have positive experience of being parented
  • Free from domestic abuse or mental health difficulties impacting on child
  • Requires a prompt or minimal support to respond to uncertainties raised, such as basic literacy needs
  • May require signposting to various agencies occasionally for support to meet needs
  • For a child with a disability this can include the local SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) offer, leisure activities and inclusive services


Family/environmental factors

Family/Environmental Factors
 Strengths Needs
  • Registered with a GP and a dentist
  • Supportive and positive relationships with family and extended family
  • No financial difficulties
  • Access to employment (opportunities)
  • On correct benefits
  • Family engage in positive activities within the community
  • A good standard of housing
  • Safety, e.g. smoke alarms, medicine stored safely
  • Living near family/support network
  • Offer support to friends/family
  • Access to transport links
  • May require signposting to various agencies occasionally for support to meet needs