Multi Agency Referral and Assessment Team - (MARAT)

MARAT acts as the 'front door' for Trafford's children and young people's service.

MARAT accepts referrals for children and young people that are deemed to be in need of a certain level of support and undertakes child protection enquiries where appropriate.

You can download a MS Word version of the referral form or complete the online version.

Once a referral has been accepted an initial assessment will be completed with a view to identifying appropriate services.

Depending on the nature of your enquiry or request MARAT will also:

  • Give advice and guidance.
  • Provide information on available services.
  • Put you in contact with other agencies or services which may be of help.
  • Put you in contact with the relevant professional dealing with a family.

Who can contact MARAT?

Anyone can contact MARAT, including parents, carers, young people, professionals, family members.

Where required MARAT will provide appropriate services to help people make contact with them e.g. interpreter.



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