Positive activities for young people (PAYP)

PAYP is designed to support young people at risk of committing criminal or anti-social behaviour and those who at risk of school non-attendance. The programme is aimed at young people aged 8-19 years but there is a weighting towards young people in the 13-17 year old bracket.

What is the aim of PAYP?

Is to provide young people at risk with the support and guidance and opportunity to undertake positive activities they need to avoid offending and/or to fulfil their true potential in education, training or employment.

Referral for Key worker Support

For a young person to be eligible for Key Worker intervention:

  • The young person must be between 13-17 years old (If the young person is between 10-12 years and have Youth Offending Service (YOS) involvement they also qualify for keyworker support).
  • The young person must live in Trafford.
  • The young person must have involvement with at least 2 agencies and concerns from them both, therefore requiring both agencies to fill out separate referral forms.
  • The referring agencies need to contribute to PAYP's intervention until the initial review at the 3 month stage, without this the referral will not be accepted.
  • The young person will hold a maximum YOS disposal of 1 year's Supervision Order.
  • The parent/carer and child must give consent to the referral and be willing to take part in the programme before the referral takes place. (This is extremely important!).

How we can help?

Key worker support will be given to those young people who are most at risk, identified through the referrals from agencies such as the YOS, Police, Education Welfare, Connexions, Schools and Social Services. We offer young people support and guidance to undertake positive activities.

Through school term time we provide one to one developmental work with a Key worker. Following an action plan of work specifically tailored we address issues which focus on the young person's personal development through the promotion of self-discipline, self-respect and self-confidence. In the school holidays the key worked young people are then invited to group activities which could be art or sport based, residential or offering accreditations.

PAYP intervention is offered to the young person for a maximum of 6 month's, with a review after 3 months to see whether the provision is still required.

We also give funding community projects for young people aged 8-17 years. Priority will be given to applications aimed at young people aged 11+ years. This is in accordance with PAYP's national target age group.

  • Projects must be carried out in school holidays.
  • PAYP funding is for work with targeted groups, not open access provision.
  • PAYP funding will fund the activity cost, travel and staffing where it is not already being paid for by some other source such as through existing core funding or local authority.
  • Funding will only be allocated to projects where sustained delivery, not one off projects.
  • All projects need to meet the health and safety and child protection requirements.
  • Any staff who are working on proposed projects have to be CRB checked.

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