Supervision orders

A Supervision Order is a sentence which requires you to be supervised by a member of the Youth Offending Team. Once the order has been made your co-operation and the support of your family are essential if it is to be of use to you.

The purpose of Supervision is to help you to do what is necessary to stop offending and to protect the public from harm. You will also be expected to consider the effect the crime has on its victims and make amends for your behaviour.

What will I have to do?

The Order can be made for up to 3 years. If you make good progress, you or your Supervising Officer can ask the Court to end the Order early. The court is unlikely to agree to this unless you have completed at least half the sentence satisfactorily, and provided you have not committed another offence.

Your Order will be organised by your Supervising Officer according to standards required by the Home Office. S/He has a duty to encourage you to work on those areas that are linked to your offending. If this is going to make any difference, you will need to talk openly with your Officer about yourself.

You and your parents, where possible, will be asked to review this plan with your Supervising Officer every three months. You and your parents where appropriate have a right to a copy of the plan.

What are the rules?

To comply with your Supervision Order you must:

  • Notify any change of address.
  • Attend when required.
  • Arrive on time for appointments.
  • Comply with any reasonable directions.
  • Comply with any additional requirements included in your Order.

You should also note that, for the duration of the Order, the following behaviour is prohibited on Youth Offending Team premises, or when Youth Offending Team staff (or persons operating under their direction) accompany you:

  • Attending while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, thereby being unable to participate properly in supervision.
  • Fighting, violent or aggressive behaviour or threats of violence.
  • Other conduct or language that might reasonably give serious offence to Youth Offending Team staff, other persons under supervision or members of the public.
  • Other wilful or persistent non co-operation or behaviour, designed to prevent progress of your or others Orders.

Additional Requirements

At the time of sentence, the Court may have added further requirements. Your Supervising Officer must take you back to Court. If the Court considers that you have 'breached' your Order, it may:

  • Revoke the Order and pass another sentence, which could include custody.
  • Tell you to complete the Order, but punish you by imposing either a fine of up to £1,000, an Attendance Centre Order or Curfew Order.

The Supervision Order is a sentence of the Court which aims to make demands on the offender and protect the public from harm. We will work with you to find new ways of dealing with situations so that you do not offend again.

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