Youth inclusion support panel (YISP)

YISP is a government funded project that is directed by the prevention section of the Youth Offending Service.

Who do we work with?

We work with young people between 8 and 13 years old who live in Trafford who do not have a final warning, but whom may be deemed to be at risk of offending.

What do we mean by 'at risk of offending?'

This could be a young person who is aggressive at home, who is struggling with education (possibly truanting or getting into trouble and receiving exclusions). If they live with or they are mix with known offenders or people who have substance misuse issues.

They could be getting into anti-social behaviour or other people may be saying they are causing problems on the estate. Other areas of concern are mental health, physical health (putting themselves in danger), perception of others, or their thinking and behaviour.

YISP Referrals

Young people need two referrals from service providers who are currently engaged with the young person or the family. Such as Teachers, Doctors, Mental Health workers, School Nurse, Social Workers, Youth Workers and in exceptional cases families.

What do we do?

If a young person decided that they want to work with YISP and they meet our criteria then we will visit both parents and young people to asses their needs and from this we will hold a family group meeting. This meeting will allow the family to develop an action plan that we will use for the next six months.

YISP and Young People

YISP young people are engaged in a variety of work such as group work or one to one sessions that focus on issues such as anger management, respect, empowerment, team work and social skills.

We also have social sessions and days out to various places throughout the North. Some YISP young people are offered the opportunity participate in residential work.

YISP and Families

We see families as a partnership that we could not do without, we will, when possible support and assist with family or social issues. We also provide parenting classes and regular reviews so you know what we are doing and why we do it.

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