Youth offending


Community Rehabilitation Order

A Community Rehabilitation Order is a Court Order which is made to help you to avoid further offending. It can last up to three years.

Court procedures

Information for young people who have been notified that they are to go to court.

Final warnings

Find out what it means if you have received a 'final warning'.

Implementation of orders

An order is made by the Courts when someone is found guilty of an offence. It details what punishment people must receive for their offences.

Parenting Orders

Support and advice for parents who have been issued with a 'Parenting Order'.

Preventative services

Find out more about the work carried out by our Prevention Team who work to prevent young people from offending.

Referral Orders

Referral Orders will be given to most 10 to 17-year olds pleading guilty and being convicted for the first time in Court.

Reparation Orders

The aims of a Reparation Order are to prevent you from further offending, by helping you to understand the effects of crime on the victim and to make amends.

Supervision orders

A Supervision Order is a sentence which requires you to be supervised by a member of our Youth Offending Team.

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