Busking and street performances

"Trafford Council recognises that busking can make a valuable contribution towards the cultural life of a town, and can also make the streets more attractive, vibrant and entertaining for visitors, businesses and residents. We have created this guide which aims to provide advice and guidance to maximise the enjoyment of live performances and to promote good relations between business owners, residents, visitors and street performers.

Trafford Council has developed this guide with businesses, residents, professionals and organisations relresenting buskers. We have undertaken a consultation and over 460 responses were submitted. Having considered the responses and comments we have amended this guide which aims to balance the interests of all legitimate parties so that the public can enjoy their time in the town centre, musicians and artists can perform live and businesses can carry out their activities without undue disturbance. We have also consulted with the Business Improvement District, the Musicians Union and Keep Streets Live. We are ‘piloting’ the use of this guide for a period of 6 months and we will then review its effectiveness before making any longer term decisions.

If you would like to comment on this guide, please email"

Cllr Graham Whitham

Executive Member