Community Payback

Community Payback is a scheme where people convicted of an offence receive a requirement to carry out unpaid work. 

How it works in Trafford

In 2019, Trafford Council entered into a Service Level Agreement with Probation, who supervise these orders so that we could ensure that the scheme provides benefit to the communities in Trafford, and allows Trafford residents who are required to undertake unpaid work, to be able to do so in their own borough.

The kind of work involved

In Trafford, we carry out works to make our communities nicer places to be so that the whole community can benefit. This has involved litter-picking, strimming grass, cutting back overgrown hedges, and painting fences and gates in places like parks and open space. 


Probation always risk assess everyone before they are placed with Trafford Community Payback, and the types of crimes for which unpaid work is an appropriate sentence, are usually less serious/non-violent type crimes. All those on the scheme are consistely supervised by our experienced Community Payback Supervisor "Taz".

After a piece of work has been completed, Taz leaflets properties nearby to get feedback, and the responses we have had from our local communities has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Suggest a project or piece of work

We really want our local communities to be involved in making suggestions, and if the Trafford scheme can't facilitate it, we'll work with the Greater Manchester scheme to see if we can make it happen. You can use the referral below to suggest an idea or project.

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