Violence against women and girls

Trafford Council takes the problem of violence against women and girls seriously and we are working with our partners, VCSE sector and local communities to make women and girls feel safer. 


To mark the launch of #OpLioness, a week of action to raise awarness about violence against women and girls, the Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham is coming to Trafford on 10 Novemeber 2022.

He will talk to some of our young people about how we can address the underlying issues that cause violence and what we can do to change sexist attitudes that underpin such violence. 

Information for licensed premises

As part of our activity, we will be seeking support from our licensed premises in Trafford to support us in relation to operations around drink spiking.

Drink spiking

Drink spiking occurs when someone adds a type of drug to someone's drink to make it easier for them to be over-powered and taken advantage of.

We have developed a simple guide for you to download so you know what to do in the event that this occurs in your business.

As part of #OpLioness we have purchased some spiking test kits to be used if a customer suspects their drink may have been spiked.

We will be contacting some venues over the week of action to offer free spiking test kits. 


"Ask for Angela" is a codeword used nationally if someone feels they may be at risk of violence or abuse while they are out socialising. 

Our team offer a briefing via Zoom or MS Teams for your staff, or we can arrange to come in and speak to your team in more detail about "Ask for Angela".

The expectation is that staff are trained to be familiar with the codeword, and take action to get the customer to a safe location, and help to facilitate safe onward travel, either by:

  • contacting a friend or family member of the customer
  • booking them a taxi
  • calling the police

We will contact as many premises as we can, but if you would like to proactively book a short training session, or request awareness raising materials, contact us on

Getting involved

Violence against women and girls is everybody's business.

No single agency can solve this alone so if you would like to be a community ambassador, or support us in our work, contact

In need of help 

If you are a woman or girl and have experienced violence, abuse or sexual violence, we have commisioned services in Trafford who can help you.

Or you can contact us to make a referral on your behalf.