Business continuity at Trafford Council

As a Category 1 Responder under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) , We are required to ensure that we have plans in place to continue delivering our services (business continuity) as well as responding to emergencies (emergency response).

All Council Services are required to carry out a Business Impact Analysis and if necessary develop a Business Continuity Plan. Both of these documents are reviewed at least annually or more frequently if required. Services are also required to test their Business Continuity Plans annually using a desk top exercise.

Council services are placed in appropiate groups and pland in accordance with their priority for recovery. If there is widespread disruption to council services this will be managed corporately.

We are also taking steps to make sure that we have resilience in our supply chain. We need those organisations who support us in delivering our services to continue their own services, whatever the disruption. This means we are working towards requiring our suppliers and contractors to have business continuity plans and making this a requirement of contracts and service level agreements.