Check if your home or business is at immediate risk of flooding. You can also sign up for direct flood warningsGOV.UK provides advice on how to report a flood depending on the cause.

Drains and sewers

Householders or businesses who are at risk of flooding, or have suffered flooding, from a blocked highway drain / gully should call 0333 003 5865 (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm). Outside of these hours, call 0161 912 2020.

Flooding from other sources

We work in partnership with various organisations and individuals who are responsible for managing flood risk from several sources. These include:

Flooding to private property because of an issue with a private drainage system or failed land drainage system is usually the responsibility of the householder or landowner.

Preparing for flooding

Climate change is likely to lead to an increase in flooding incidents in the future. If severe rain across the region is experienced, flooding in parts of Trafford may be experienced. Drainage teams will be working to try and clear as much surface water as possible, however it is important that property owners and residents take the appropriate measures to protect their own property.

A flooding guide for householders is available to assist in the event of a flood. Further guidance is also available for householders and businesses as a result of the Property Flood Resilience Action Plan. Additional flooding fact sheets are also available for residents and businesses.

We do not provide sandbags to properties at risk from flooding.

The Flood Hub

The Flood Hub contains information and resources to support householders, businesses and communities across the North-West in becoming more flood resilient. It combines multiple sources of guidance to produce a hub of information that gives an overview of flood resilience and its many related topics.

The Flood Hub website has been funded by the North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC).

Our role – the lead local flood authority

Local authorities have regulatory powers in relation to flood risk management and are responsible for managing flood risk from surface water, ground water, and ordinary watercourses. We also work with other stakeholders to manage flood risk across Trafford.

As the Local Flood Authority, we are required to produce a Flood Risk Management Strategy, a Strategic Environmental Assessment and a Habitat Regulations Assessment.

Watercourse owners, have a responsibility to maintain ordinary watercourses e.g. streams, ditches, culverts etc. that run adjacent to, though, or under their property. We have the power to regulate ordinary watercourses and if issues are found we can enforce the following requirements to:

  • Carry out repairs
  • Remove or modify unconsented works
  • Undertake routine maintenance to maintain the flow of water

If you want to carry out works which may affect the flow of an ordinary watercourse, you must apply for consent. We can issue consent when we've confirmed that the proposed scheme does not increase the risk of flooding or adversely impact the environment. Contact TraffordDrainageLLFAConsultations@amey.co.uk for further information.

If the watercourse is classed as a ‘main river’, you will need to obtain consent from the Environment Agency