Nuisance vehicles

Destroying local parkland, noise nuisance, dangerous riding, riding on roads and pavements... sound familiar?

Off-road nuisance is a problem that is affecting the lives of many, and it is a problem that is increasing. With your help, Greater Manchester Police are determined to tackle this nuisance.

Nuisance can be caused by:

  • Off-road vehicles being illegally driven in any public place.
  • By road-registered vehicles being inappropriately driven anywhere other than a legally designated road or highway.

Off-Road Vehicles include:

  • Moto Cross
  • Trial and Enduro bikes
  • Mini-motos
  • Quad bikes
  • Electric scooters
  • Buzzboards
  • Gopeds

Or any other mechanically propelled vehicle which is built for use off-road and should not be used on public roads and pavements or in public spaces.

How can I report a problem?


If you are experiencing a problem with nuisance off-road vehicles you can report the problem to the Community Safety Team


Tel: 0161 912 3434

You may also report incidents of nuisance off-road vehicles to Greater Manchester Police using “101” or in case of emergency “999”.

Alternatively, by contacting the Greater Manchester Police website.

Between 0800 hours and Midnight, 7 days a week there is a 'web chat' facility for contacting Greater Manchester Police to report incidents.  

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.