Outdoor events

The general public has a right of access to our parks and open spaces, free of charge, on a casual basis during programmed opening hours. However should an organised group of people wish to use any public park or any part of a road for a specific event that may affect the normal running of the park, restrict public access, or affect the flow of traffic on the highway (which includes pavements), such a group or organisation must seek permission from us to stage the event.

Apply to hold an event

For small groups of residents wanting to organise a street party download the street party application form, which includes further information. Street party applications should be submitted a minimum of four weeks in advance.

For larger community led events with free entry, complete our event application form for community led outdoor events with free entry. A minimum of eight weeks notice is required for community event applications.

Read our event application form guidance notes. If you need any help completing the application call 0161 912 4502 or email events@trafford.gov.uk.

For further information download our guide to organising a safe and successful event.

Commercial events and activities

For commercial events and large events on the highway we will require significantly longer notice. Contact us for an intial discussion. For ongoing activities such as boot camps and forest schools visit our "non event" commercial activities page. Residents can find a list of all approved commercial activities on our Greenspace Activities and Events Calendar.

Depending on the activities and number of people attending your event you may be required to obtain a license from the Licensing Team. For further infromation see the licensing page for alcohol and entertainment, alternatively if you would like to speak to a Licensing Officer feel free to call 0161 912 4129.

Trafford Council prohibits the release of sky lanterns from its property. Lantern debris can cause danger to animals and wildlife through ingestion and entrapment. Unexpired sky lanterns also pose a documented fire hazard.

Temporary markets

If you would like to hold a stand alone market or have a market as part of your event you will need a licence from us. This applies regardless of whether the market is indoors, outdoors, or on private land.

If you plan to have five or more stalls, stands, pitches or vehicles from which people are selling items including food and drink, this would be classed as a market. Find out more information about market licences

If you are holding a community event in a park which will have market stalls or a table top sale, speak to us before completing a Market Licence application.

If all the proceeds from your event are going to a good cause the legislation may not apply contact us.Telephone 0161 912 4502 or email events@trafford.gov.uk.

Filming in Trafford

If you are interested in filming in one of our buildings or an outdoor space that belongs to us you should contact us. See our filming page for further information.

If you need any help contact us on 0161 912 4502 or email events@trafford.gov.uk.