Stretford Masterplan - FAQs

Why has the Council prepared the Stretford Refreshed Masterplan?

The Council has refreshed the Stretford Masterplan because new investment opportunities have come forward and the First Stretford Masterplan in 2014 is no longer fit for purpose. Since the first Masterplan was agreed, progress has been slower than we would have liked though a number of achievements have been made including:

  • Development of a new Aldi store at Stretford Mall.
  • Transfer of the ownership of Stretford Public Hall to the Friends of Stretford Public Hall group.
  • Delivery of £1.75m worth of improvements for the A56/Edge Lane junction.

However, the vacancy rate within the Town Centre remains high and important sites remain vacant or undeveloped.  The Refreshed Masterplan tackles these issues and enables development such as UA92 and the Essoldo building  to come forward at a faster pace, in line with what residents have told us are a priority.

What are the main proposals in the draft Refreshed Masterplan?

The draft Stretford Refreshed Masterplan 2017 main proposals are to transform the Town Centre and surrounding area into a prosperous, vibrant, attractive and safe destination. At the centre of the Masterplan is the University Academy (UA92) proposal; a bold vision to build an innovative higher education facility in partnership with award-winning Lancaster University. This is set to create jobs, bring people into the town centre and enhance the local economy by approximately £26 million per year. 

This unique opportunity will see significant investment into Stretford and Old Trafford. We are bringing forward proposals that are viable and can be delivered in the short term, but the developments will be not be fully completed until 2028.  

The Main Proposals include:

  • A new publicly owned and run leisure centre on the Kellogg’s site for Stretford.
  • An education campus located opposite Trafford Town Hall to house UA92.
  • A hotel and new sports facilities alongside the campus.
  • Strong links with Lancashire County Cricket Club and Manchester United, improving public spaces in these areas.
  • High-quality, well designed campus-living for students in Stretford, helping to regenerate the town, improve Edge Lane and support bringing the canal-side and Essoldo back into use. Existing businesses will benefit from higher footfall.
  • Significant investment in Turn Moss with a commitment made around accessible community provision to support existing users.
  • Improvements to public spaces to complement those nearly completed, including improved cycle and walking infrastructure.

How can the community have their say on these plans?

The Community can have their say by participating in any of the following

The Council is keen to hear from as many residents and businesses as possible, and to work with the local community to develop the proposals further. The draft Stretford Refreshed Masterplan is subject to public consultation for a period of 10 weeks from the 10th October, following which a revised version will be prepared for final approval by the Council’s Executive in January 2018.  This will set the overall strategy for the regeneration of Stretford.

Once the consultation period on the draft Masterplan is completed there will be a process of ongoing discussion with the community throughout the delivery of the proposals. All specific developments will go through further consultation as part of the planning process and be scrutinised for their environmental sustainability, impact on the local area, traffic impact, car parking requirements etc.

University Academy 92

What is UA92?

UA92 is a collaboration between Lancaster University, the Class of ‘92 (the five former Manchester United footballers – Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville and Paul Scholes) and a number of key partners; Trafford Council, Microsoft, property services firm Bruntwood and Trafford College. The project also has the support of Manchester United Football Club and Lancashire County Cricket Club.

UA92 will provide an iconic higher education facility in Stretford offering a portfolio of undergraduate, post-graduate, CPD and pathway degrees in sports, media and business.  

The UA92 qualifications will be awarded by Lancaster University. Lancaster University was ranked in the UK top ten universities, and number one in the North West in 2017.

What are the benefits of the UA92 proposals to the local area?

The UA92 development will bring an investment of £170m in to Stretford at the Education Campus on the Kelloggs’ site, and the Student Campus in the Town Centre. 

UA92 will bring around £25m per year into the local economy and create over 600 new jobs as well as an estimated 2,650 construction years of employment by 2028.

Universities spend the majority of their income locally to support direct employment, the provision of goods and services and work with businesses. Universities also support their local area by providing improved access to skills and education, research and innovation and attracting more businesses and researchers to a locality. University staff and students have personal expenditure which supports further jobs and the provision of facilities for the wider community.

UA92 will make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of Greater Manchester’s future, providing a magnet for future enterprise and business, creative and cultural investment in the city region.

The benefits UA92 will bring to Stretford include:

  • Additional activity and expenditure to the town centre
  • A more vibrant evening economy
  • Additional direct and indirect job opportunities
  • More vacant buildings back into use
  • Extra pace to the delivery of other sites
  • A catalyst for further investment
  • Strengthened connections between the town centre and wider area

What is the UA92 Campus Quarter?

The UA92 Campus Quarter will include a teaching and learning facility and a new state of the art public leisure centre to replace the existing Stretford Leisure Village. The Quarter will be based on the site of the Kellogg’s office block on Brian Statham Way, adjacent to Old Trafford Metrolink Stop and Lancashire County Cricket Club, and opposite Trafford Town Hall. Kelloggs are relocating their staff to MediaCity in 2018.

Over time the development of the rest of the site could include a multi-storey car park, office space, residential accommodation, ancillary retail and a hotel, but these proposals haven’t been finalised yet

What is proposed for the former B&Q site?

The former B&Q site adjacent to Lancashire County Cricket Club is privately owned. It is identified as part of the UA92 Campus Quarter with potential to provide opportunity for new development linked to the LCCC site. At present there are no specific proposals for this site.

How many students are expected?

In the first year it is anticipated that 650 students will attend UA92. By 2028 it is anticipated that the student population will rise to a maximum of 6500. A great proportion of these students will come from the existing area or live elsewhere in Greater Manchester or the surrounding area.

Where will students live?

There will be a purpose built accommodation block built on the Lacy Street site. This will accommodate around 360 students in September 2019 and a further 340 students in 2020. Further phases will follow as the University develops to its full size in later years.

This accommodation will provide high quality purpose built student accommodation for the duration of a student’s degree.

Planning restrictions will be in place to limit existing residential properties converting to student accommodation.

The Town Centre Offer

How will the refreshed Masterplan improve the Town Centre offer?

The proposals in the refreshed Masterplan will act as a catalyst for further investment and help to change perceptions of Stretford.  The delivery of the Masterplan will support an improved Town Centre offer with:

  • A balance of national retailers and independent stores
  • New restaurant, bar and café uses
  • Leisure and family orientated activities
  • Professional services and
  • Community facilities

The UA92 proposals will support significant additional activity and expenditure in the Town Centre, including support for the further development of the evening economy, and provide additional direct and indirect jobs. 

What are the plans for Stretford Mall?

There is a new opportunity for the partial redevelopment of the Mall with a current planning application with the Council for the demolition of its southern portion (incorporating the old market area) and some of the frontage onto Chester Road.  This will provide a site for future development that improves the Town Centre offer in Stretford.

The Council is working closely with the owners of Stretford Mall, Apollo Global, to bring forward specific proposals.  The refreshed Masterplan will help attract further investment and deliver opportunities at the Mall site for reconfiguration and redevelopment, the creation of more attractive frontages, and the introduction of a wider mix of uses.

How will the Masterplan support other facilities?

The Refreshed Stretford Masterplan includes a number of sites which can accommodate a range of retail and leisure uses, including Stretford Mall, when a current planning application proposes demolition of its southern portion, providing a clear site for new development. This will support a widening of the existing town centre offer, in particular the delivery of further improvements to a badly needed evening economy.

Alongside the Masterplan, the Council has prepared a strategy to proactively assemble sites in order to ensure that facilities required to meet the needs of the community can be delivered.

The Masterplan also supports investment in new and improved leisure facilities, with a new leisure centre and improvements to Turn Moss.

The Essoldo

Will the Essoldo Cinema building be retained?

Yes, the Essoldo Cinema is a Grade II listed building, and is protected by law. It is a distinctive local landmark and an important part of Stretford’s heritage.  The proposals will retain this building and help secure its long term future.

What are the proposals for the Essoldo site?

It is proposed that the vacant Essoldo building is brought back into use as a vibrant hub open to the whole community (complementing the provision at Stretford Public Hall). There are no detailed plans for the use of the Essoldo at the present time and the Council are seeking the views of the local community to inform this process, alongside looking at commercial opportunities.

The proposed redevelopment of adjoining land and buildings will improve the route along Edge Lane and deliver better access onto the Bridgewater Canal.  This could include student accommodation with commercial units, such as shops or food and drink outlets, on the ground floor.

What is proposed for Stretford Library?

There are no specific proposals for Stretford Library and the Council is committed to maintaining library provision in Stretford. We do want to discuss with the local community whether there are preferable alternative locations for the library in Streford, which would free up the existing building.

Lacy Street Site

What are the proposals for student accommodation at Lacy Street?

The Lacy Street site currently comprises the surface car park, probation office, Royal Mail sorting office and Atlas Heating and Bathrooms premises.

The site is identified for high quality purpose built student accommodation for up to 1,700 students within a landmark building that can provide better access onto the Bridgewater Canal. Design proposals for the site are being prepared and will be released shortly.

Existing occupiers will be provided with support to relocate where required.

Why is the Council proposing that the student accommodation is provided in this area?

The Council believes that by locating the student accommodation on this site we can

  • Maximise the benefits for the Town Centre in terms of supporting new retail and leisure facilities that can be used by the whole community. 
  • Provide better quality and well managed facilities, with improved public realm and access to the canal, open to all the community.
  • Prevent residential accommodation being turned into HMO’s.

What will be provided on the Lacy Street site for the local community?

In addition to student accommodation it is proposed that there will be a mix of commercial spaces on the ground floor - for shops, cafés or restaurants – that will be accessible to all.

Is additional car parking planned for the town centre, bearing in mind the student accommodation is planned to be located on the Lacy St Car Park?

Future developments will need to demonstrate how they comply with the Council's car parking standards. Whilst some town centre car parking will be lost due to the UA92 Student Campus a significant amount of car parking remains available at Stretford Mall which is now free for three hours.


What are the proposals for the new Stretford Leisure Centre

The proposals include a new state-of the-art leisure centre as part of the UA92 Campus Quarter This will replace the existing Stretford Leisure Village, providing a significantly improved facility. This facility will be owned by Trafford Council, and managed by Trafford Leisure, alongside the other Council leisure centres. Local residents will have exactly the same access to the new leisure as they do now, as a minimum.

What will happen to the existing Stretford Leisure Centre site?

The existing leisure centre site will provide a redevelopment opportunity, but there are no current specific proposals.

What are the proposals for Turn Moss

The Proposals are to develop additional and improved leisure facilities at Turn Moss, including new changing facilities and café, a new 3G pitch, improvements to drainage, a multi-use games area, playground and improved pitches. Community access to Turn Moss will be maintained as it is now.

Public Spaces

We want to create a Town Centre that has good landscaping, that traffic is able to flow through easily, is attractive for pedestrians, has good cycle routes and has pleasant public spaces. 

Successful town centres have good quality streets and attractive public spaces. Work has already been done to improve the roads and public areas in Stretford Town Centre. At the A56 and Edge Lane entrance to Stretford we are creating new pedestrian crossings, improving landscaping to the King Street side of Stretford Mall, and have reduced the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on the A56 through the Town Centre.

Future phases of improvements to public spaces are planned and will be subject to a separate consultation process.  These will cover the A56, Edge Lane, Kingsway, Barton Road, and the A56 Gyratory.

What improvements to cycling infrastructure and facilities are planned, especially bearing in mind the new student population?

The Stretford Refreshed Masterplan includes significant further investment in cycling infrastructure and facilities. These include further phases of work along the A56 corridor, A56 gyratory, Edge Lane and Kingsway. The council is committed to ensuring these improvements benefit pedestrians and cyclists as much as possible.

The A56

The revised Masterplan presents  a more attractive physical environment along Talbot Road and the A56 from the UA92 Campus Quarter to Stretford Town Centre which will significantly improve how these areas are connected. They are important gateways between Stretford and both Manchester City Centre and The Quays / MediaCityUK.

Linking the campus quarter with the student campus and the Town Centre will help to maximise the regeneration benefits for Stretford from the UA92 proposals and support further opportunities for investment and growth.

What is proposed for sites along the A56?

The draft Stretford Refreshed Masterplan identifies a number of sites that currently comprise landscaped areas along the A56, namely sites 12-16. The majority of these sites historically comprised development that was cleared to enable the widening of the A56. A number of these sites currently provide inactive frontages, a fragmented street scene through the Town Centre and routes that can feel hostile after dark.

The draft Masterplan identifies that there may be opportunities to develop these sites, subject to the impact on existing landscaping, car parking provision etc, to provide a more active street scene. The potential impact on existing mature trees is recognised as a particularly important consideration given the objective in the draft Masterplan to enhance green spaces in Stretford. This sits alongside plans to deliver further tree planting to help address air quality and the visual look of the Town Centre.

As part of the consultation we are keen to understand the public’s view on the future of these sites and what specific improvements can be made to enable these spaces to work more effectively.

How is the Council preparing for any impact on local infrastructure?

The Council is engaging with Transport for Greater Manchester, the Fire & Rescue Service, education and local health services to assess the potential impact on their services and how this can be met. The Consultation process will also help inform the future needs for any impact on local infrastructure. The Council fully recognises that bringing new residents into Stretford will increase demand for local services and will need to consider how it can support services to respond.