Stretford Regeneration

Stretford Town Centre Public Realm Improvement works

The Public Realm Improvement works to Kingsway and Barton Road junction will make this part of the town centre greener and safer, greatly improving the experience for pedestrians and cyclists.

These improvement works, in conjunction with the redevelopment of Stretford Mall, will transform the town centre into a place that meets the needs of local residents and businesses. They include:

  • New crossing points
  • New cycle lanes
  • New footpaths
  • New tree planting and green spaces
  • Resurfacing Barton Road junction
  • Re-design of Kingsway to reduce speeds and improve the space for cyclists and pedestrians.

Improvement work updates

Stretford Kingsway Public Realm

More information about the improvement works including:

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Lane closures

Why we are you reducing the number of lanes on Kingsway 

Reducing the space available for traffic allows more space to be given to people walking, cycling and using public transport. The intention is to reduce traffic speeds to make it safer, so it might take a bit longer to drive along Kingsway.

However, journey times are most affected by junctions, so overall, the changes are unlikely to make a big difference. It may change the way that people choose to drive around this part of the network, so that some more strategic traffic will take a different route away from Kingsway.

Local residents who choose to walk and cycle along and across Kingsway will have a safer, more pleasant experience. Signage directing diverted traffic from local roads will be installed to try and prevent rat-running and build up of traffic in these areas.

Why we have closed one of the westbound lanes 

One of the westbound lanes is closed as works begin on the eastbound carriageway and central reservation. The lane that’s closed provides a safe working zone for the contractors to work next to a live traffic lane.

Why we have closed both eastbound lanes on Kingsway

These lanes have been closed as they are going to become the new area of landscaping, footpaths, tree planting and cycle lanes as part of the improvement works and closing both lanes allows the contractor the space to work safely and build the works quickly.

If the works are split between a number of lanes of live traffic this will take longer and ultimately the disruption and noise will continue for much longer.

Part of the current area covered by the central reservation and one of the westbound lanes on Kingsway will become the new eastbound/westbound route (i.e. one lane each way) as part of the improvement works along with new cycle lanes, crossing points and footpaths.

When and where the pre-warning road signs go up

Temporary matrix signs have been erected at either end of Kingsway with information and will be updated regularly, the permanent matrix signs on Chester Road have updates displayed too. Information signage will be erected on all of the main roads accessing Kingsway; Chester Road, Edge Lane, Barton Road and Urmston Lane.

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When the work is due to be completed 

The improvement works are expected to be completed in late summer 2024.

The Public Realm Improvement Scheme is a considerable project for the wholescale transformation of Kingsway/Barton Road junction involving the reconfiguration of four lanes of the highway and the walking, cycling and environmental improvements to make the area greener and safer.

The re-design of Kingsway will reduce speeds and improve the space for pedestrians and cyclists including new crossing points, new cycle lanes, new footpaths as well as tree planting and more green spaces.

This project also has to take due account of the regeneration of Stretford Mall; and the adjacent major A56 route, to ensure both can be delivered in a complementary way.

The project also has to ensure the safety of the contractors delivering the scheme next to live traffic and to try and minimise disruption in a planned way which is, unfortunately, unavoidable. Westbound traffic on Kingsway will still flow, albeit on one lane, so that the Mall and routes beyond can be accessed.

Why the lanes can’t be closed at a later date

Due to the funding secured to deliver the project, we are on a set delivery programme to deliver the works on time for the benefit of local residents. The carriageway reconfiguration works have been prioritised and we are keeping one lane on Kingsway westbound open to traffic so people can access the Mall and other routes beyond.

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Impact of the closures

How will this affect Edge Lane

The straight on and right turn on Edge Lane has been taken out of use during the highway construction on Kingsway. Kingsway is one lane only and this measure is to reduce the likelihood of traffic stopping in the middle of the junction with Chester Road as the two lanes merge into one. The length of time the green signal is on for the traffic exiting Edge Lane has been extended to help the traffic flow.

If you are driving then the diversions are in place to direct which way to access Kingsway, Barton Road and Edge Lane. Each diversion is signposted but generally if you want to get to Edge Lane from Urmston Lane then you can either access Davyhulme Road to the North or the Gyratory to the South.

On foot you will be able to use the footpath on either side of Kingsway and access will always be available to Stretford Mall, the A56, Edge Lane and Barton Road. The pedestrian management will change over the working period to allow the project to be built but access will always be available for pedestrians. 

When and how the impacts of these closures will be checked

Our officers will visit the area regularly to monitor any issues. There will also be close discussions with TfGM and the contractor to gain their feedback to ensure that while these major public realm works are carried out the traffic management keeps the traffic flowing.

How we will check on increased traffic on other local roads 

In the first instance signage directing traffic away from local roads will be installed with Council officers attending to monitor their effectiveness.

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Using public transport

Buses affected by the eastbound closure and the new routes

The eastbound bus stops on Kingsway remain closed. These busses have been diverted around the mall and the nearest stop is on the A56 Chester Road outside of the Mall entrance.

If you want to catch the Number 15 or 150 bus, you can catch this bus on Edge Lane. If you want to catch the Number 255 or 256 bus, you can catch this on Chester Road outside of the Mall entrance.

Buses affected by the westbound closure and the new routes

From 9 January the westbound bus stops on Kingsway have been closed. These busses will continue the original route as before but not be able to stop on Kingsway. There are two options for these busses.

For Buses 15, 23, 245, 255 your alternative stops are on Edge Lane or Urmston Lane. For Busses 25, 150, 256 your alternative stops are on Barton Road.

Open bus stops
  • Robin Hood, Urmston Lane (bus numbers: 15, 23, 245, 253, 255)
  • Robin Hood, Urmston Lane (bus numbers: 15, 23, 245, 255, 756)
  • Stretford Metrolink Stop J, Edge Lane (bus numbers: 15, 23, 25, 86, 150)
  • Stretford Metrolink Stop K, Edge Lane (bus numbers: 15, 23, 25, 150, 766)
Closed bus stops
  • Stretford Arndale Stop A, Kingsway (bus numbers: 15, 253, 255, 256)
  • Stretford Arndale Stop B, Kingsway (bus numbers: 23, 25, 79, 150, 245)
  • Stretford Arndale Stop C, Kingsway (bus numbers: 15, 23, 245, 254, 255)
  • Stretford Arndale Stop D, Kingsway (bus numbers: 25, 150, 256)
Bus stops
School buses

Private bus companies will inform schools of revised drop off locations. For those public busses that used Kingsway to collect and drop off, the adjacent stop on Edge Lane, Urmston Lane and Chester Road will be used.

How to walk to the Mall with the footpath closures

Access into the Mall will be maintained throughout the project although the footpath between Kingsway and the Mall will be closed from Tuesday 9 January therefore use the King Street and Aldi Entrances while works are ongoing.

Fig 2 - walk to the mall

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How we will keep residents/businesses up to date with what’s going on and when

We will provide regular updates by way of:

  • Flyer drops to immediate residents/businesses 
  • Updates posted to this page
  • Social media posts, follow @TraffordCouncil on Facebook and Twitter for updates.
  • Drop-in sessions / update events will also be held in Stretford Mall, and these will be publicised. 

Contact us 

If you have any queries or questions about the project contact our Business Liaison Officer, Adele Carroll on 07704307004 or email

Article 4 Direction

On the 15 December 2017, we made an Article 4 Direction. This allows us to  limit residential properties in Trafford  being turned into Houses of Multiple Occupations (HMOs).

The location for the student accommodation has not yet been agreed, however this application allows us to protect residential properties whilst we review the consultation feedback.

Archive documentation

The documents below have been superseded but are available for reference

Follow @TraffordCouncil on Facebook and Twitter for updates.