Perfect Weekend

Trafford public sector organisations are constantly striving to improve service provision and want you to be a part of this improvement.

Whilst waiting for your appointment you may be approached by a member of our team who would like your views on the service you receive.

The questions you will be asked are part of a project being run by Trafford Partnership. By agreeing to answer these few short questions you will be helping the Council and its partners find ways to improve the services we provide.

The first part of the project is to look at a typical weekend of service provision. We will take what we learn from this weekend and put into action new ways of working, to see what improvements they make to service provision. Called the 'Perfect Weekend' it is a chance for the Partnership to 'break the rules' and test new ways of providing you with the most efficient and effective services for your needs.

Please help us to help you by participating in this exciting new way of looking at and testing service provision.

Any information you provide will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. The information gathered will be used for the sole purpose of helping us improve our services. No personal details will be made public, either via print or electronically. Please read our privacy notice for further information.

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